Open Oceans, Open Opportunity: Mapping Canada’s Role in the Blue Economy

Episode Summary

Oceans are good for much more than a pretty view. They account for over $3 trillion in economic activity, provide a food source for millions of people daily, and ensure human survival on the planet by regulating temperatures. Yet, decades of unsustainable practices now threaten to destroy that delicate balance, tearing down economies and risking the survival of humanity. In this episode, entrepreneurs Kate Moran, CEO of Ocean Networks Canada and Julie Angus, founder of Open Ocean Robotics talk with John Stackhouse about the economic opportunity of the world’s oceans - and why Canada is already poised to be a global leader in ocean-tech.

Episode Notes

Oceans provide safety, a way of life, economic sustainability, and food for the entire planet, yet over 80% of the world’s oceans are unmapped and unexplored. Now, we have the tools and technology to empower true ocean discovery. The limited knowledge we have of oceans has already produced trillions of dollars in economic benefit and insight that led to life-saving medications. With data and a renewed focus on building a sustainable future, the world’s oceans can yet again provide an unparalleled opportunity for growth. 

Key takeaways: