The Green Collar Revolution

Episode Summary

We‘ve just come through one of the most turbulent periods in modern history—and chances are, that’s only a taste of what’s to come. Climate change is transforming our economy, and a new RBC Economics and Thought Leadership report reveals that 15% of the Canadian labour force will be disrupted over the next 10 years as we transition to a Net Zero future. In this episode of Disruptors, an RBC podcast, co-host Trinh Theresa Do tackles some of the big questions surrounding our climate transition with the leader of a company that’s seen more than 160 years of transformation. Colin Osborne is the CEO of Samuel, Son & Co.—an Oakville, Ontario-based advanced manufacturing company that traces its roots back to 1855. Today, Samuel is at the forefront of a new, green approach to manufacturing—upskilling its labour force, reducing material waste, and building partnerships with some of the fastest-growing businesses in the low-carbon economy. Osborne speaks with Theresa about how the family-owned business is embracing a high-tech future—including doubling down on automation in facilities across North America—and how he’s preparing his 6,000-person workforce for the green jobs revolution.

Episode Notes

To read more about Colin Osborne and what Samuel, Son & Co is doing on the sustainability front, check out the company’s website.

In this episode, Theresa mentioned a new report from The Green Skills Network Research Project, which detailed some of the top emerging green jobs in Canada. To read the full report, check it out here

Also mentioned was a new RBC report that looks at how Canadian workers are transitioning to a Net Zero economy. It’s called “Green Collar Jobs: The Skills Revolution Canada Needs to Reach Net Zero,” and you can read it by visiting RBC Thought Leadership’s homepage.

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