Global Canadians: The Tech Sector's Secret Weapon

Episode Summary

There are 2-3 million Canadians living, working and studying outside our country; approximately 10% of them are in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. There is a major opportunity to leverage this Canadian diaspora to create more opportunities for the Canadian tech sector. In this episode, John Stackhouse discusses the role that global Canadians will play in accelerating the growth of the innovation economy.

Episode Notes

Over the last 153 years, millions of Canadians have spread to every corner of the world. We have been part of major global movements from the birth of Hollywood to the strategy behind modern day peacekeeping. We know that Canadians are going to play a key role in rebuilding the global economy as we look beyond the pandemic. Laura Buhler, Executive Director of the C100, an association of Canadian expats in the Valley that has helped build Canada's tech ecosystem, and Andre Charoo, General Partner of Maple VC and co-chair of the C100, join John Stackhouse on RBC Disruptors to discuss:

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