The Climate Conversations: Can Cities Save Our Planet?

Episode Summary

In our post-pandemic world, there is no more pressing issue than climate change. This fall, Disruptors, an RBC podcast, is exploring potential solutions to a warming planet—as well as some challenges in implementing them—in a multi-part series called The Climate Conversations. Co-hosts John Stackhouse and Trinh Theresa Do speak with a variety of innovators and market disruptors who are working to get Canada on a path to net-zero emissions. In this fourth and final installment of The Climate Conversations, we look at the vital role cities will play in a lower-carbon world. In a special panel discussion, Jennifer Keesmaat—the former chief planner for the City of Toronto—and Brent Toderian, former chief planner for the City of Vancouver, discuss with John how a combination of smart planning and bold decision-making can help make our concrete jungles more sustainable. We also hear from some of the business innovators who are making everything from transportation infrastructure to energy grids to building materials—each with a vital role in the cities of tomorrow.

Episode Notes

Jennifer Keesmaat is one of the founding partners behind Markee Developments, which designs, finances, builds, and affordable housing in Toronto. To learn more, follow this link

To check out some of the projects that Toderian UrbanWorks has been involved in around the world, check out Brent’s website here.

Technology companies featured in the episode include SWTCH Energy, Peak Power, and Nexii Building Solutions. Follow the links to find out more about each firm.

Finally, RBC Economics and Thought Leadership has recently published an in-depth report on the path to net-zero called “The $2 Trillion Transition: Canada’s Road to Net Zero.” 

The report explores the costs and benefits of Canada’s shift to a carbon-neutral economy—and how it can fuel a new generation of Canadian innovation, especially in the energy sector. To read it, visit RBC.com/netzero.

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