Charging Ahead: Canada’s Role in The E-V Revolution

Episode Summary

Have you ever felt the g-forces of an electric car with its accelerator pressed all the way to the floor? Or maybe even more exhilarating — the realization that you’ll never pay for another tank of gas again? After decades as a cornerstone of Canada’s economy, the automotive industry is in the midst of transformational change as carmakers and consumers around the globe pivot to electric vehicles. On this episode of Disruptors, an RBC podcast, host John Stackhouse takes a deep dive into the rapidly-evolving world of EVs and the supply chains Canada needs to create to be a player in the growing, global market. For the first part of the conversation, John is joined by Sarah Houde, the CEO of Propulsion Quebec, and Kostyantyn Khomutov, the CEO of Ottawa-based GBatteries, to discuss the current state of play, the opportunities ahead, and what needs to happen to take advantage of them. Then for part two, David Paterson from General Motors Canada slides into the passenger seat to give us a big-picture perspective, and share his company’s vision for a fully electrified future. From government policies and our country’s abundant supply of raw minerals to range anxiety, charging infrastructure, and battery technology — no topic is off-limits, as our guests lay out a compelling roadmap to help Canada and Canadian companies plot a path forward into a cleaner, greener future.

Episode Notes

For details on Propulsion Quebec, its mission, and its business areas, visit propulsionquebec.com. You can learn more about GBatteries and its unique, ultra-fast charging technology at gbatteries.com.

Click the following links to read up on GM’s commitment to electrification, its Brightdrop announcement, and its new test track in Oshawa. RBC’s new thought leadership report, “Trading Places: Canada’s Place in a Changing Global Economy”, can be found HERE.

John also mentioned a previous Disruptors episode about the ‘Intangibles Economy’ featuring Jim Balsillie, which you can listen to HERE.