RBC Disruptors

Canadian Innovation in Crisis

Episode Summary

In today’s episode of RBC Disruptors we’re speaking to tech legends; Michael Serbinis, Founder of League, and Janet Bannister, Managing Partner of Real Ventures, about how we can reimagine Canada’s economy in this time of unprecedented change.

Episode Notes

For today’s episode of RBC Disruptors, we’re kickstarting our new season with Michael Serbinis and Janet Bannister.  Mike is a serial entrepreneur, and founder of League, a Toronto startup focused on providing a digital alternative to traditional health insurance.  Janet is the managing partner of Real Ventures, a Montreal-based VC firm. She’s also the first woman to head a major VC outfit in Canada. In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. Steps that every business needs to consider to overcome this pandemic
  2. The future of work in Canada, and how we can use technology to transform a lot of processes
  3. The impact this crisis will have on our ecosystem and how we can prepare for a very different future

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