Beyond Silicon Valley: Why We Need a Global Playbook For Innovation

Episode Summary

What do Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Ottawa, and Singapore have in common? They all have startup ecosystems with thriving entrepreneurs and billion-dollar businesses. Innovators all over the world are tackling major challenges and building sustainable businesses both by improving the Silicon Valley playbook and writing playbooks of their own. In this conversation, venture capitalist and author Alex Lazarow talks with John Stackhouse about what it takes to build successful startup ecosystems - and why Canada is poised to win the global innovation game.

Episode Notes

Nearly 10 years ago, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously claimed that “software is eating the world.” But today, a new crop of “frontier innovators” are straying away from disrupting existing industries with software in favour of building new industries, improving current innovation models, and addressing market gaps that Silicon Valley ignored. In his new book, Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs--from Delhi to Detroit--Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley, Alex Lazarow interviews more than 200 entrepreneurs from around the world about their challenges, success stories, and what he calls the "frontier," the growing constellation of startup ecosystems, outside of the Valley. On this episode of RBC Disruptors, Alex and John discuss the shift from the equity model in venture capital, what it means to be born global, and the future of innovation in Canada, and around the world

Key takeaways: